Formed in 1965 it is a member of the British Orchid Council. Started by 9 orchid enthusiasts, meeting originally in each other’s homes, the intention of the society is to promote the cultivation & preservation of all orchid plants. In 2015, the society turned 50 years old. The society now has over 60 members, membership ranging from experienced growers, with fully equipped greenhouses, to those with just one or two plants on the windowsill.

Society Constitution

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1. The Name of the Society.The name shall be “The Solihull & District Orchid Society”.

2. Objects of the Society these shall be: The furtherance of the knowledge of orchidaceous plants and to encourage the culture thereof by means of meetings, lectures, discussions, nursery visits, exhibitions etc.

3. Membership. Shall be open to anyone, subject to the approval of the committee.

4. Subscriptions. The annual subscription shall be agreed at the AGM and shall be paid on joining and thereafter annually in January. Membership shall be either a single member, a double member or Junior member (under 18) or full time student.

5. Privileges. Members are entitled to admission to all meetings, to take part in all proceedings, to vote, to attend any visit or excursion that maybe arranged and to enjoy any trading privileges that become available to the Society.

6. Society Affairs. The affairs of the Society shall be conducted by a committee consisting of two officers and up to seven other members.

7. President. A President shall be elected annually at the AGM.The President shall be selected on the basis of their long-term involvement and support for the Society and for their knowledge and experience in the cultivation, exhibition etc of orchids.The President would be expected to be able to offer advice and guidance to the committee, as requested/required on any matter relating to the running of the Society.The President is not a voting member of the committee. However, the President is welcome to attend committee meetings and to actively participate in discussions. Minutes of committee meetings to be copied to the President.

8. Vice President(s). All elements relating to President in item 7 apply equally to the role of VicePresident.

9. Officers. The officers of the Society shall be the Chairman/Secretary and the Treasurer. No person may hold more than one office at a time.

10. Election of Officers. These shall be elected at the AGM and shall hold office until the next AGM
when they shall retire but be eligible for re-election.

11. Committee Members. The ordinary members of the committee shall be elected at the AGM. Thereafter two shall, in rotation, retire each year but be eligible for re-election. Nominations for the committee must be received by the Chairman at least two weeks prior to the AGM and must be signed by the Proposer, Seconder and Nominee.

12. Powers of the Committee. The committee shall have powers to appoint sub-committees and to co-opt
members, as required.

13. AGM. The Financial Year shall end on August 31st and an Annual General Meeting shall be held in September for the purpose of:
a. Receiving the Chairman’s report on the year’s activities.
b. Receiving the Treasurer’s report, Balance Sheet and Income and
Expenditure Account.
c. Receiving the Auditor’s report.
d. Election of President, Vice President(s), Officers and Committee.
e. Election of an Auditor.
f. Any other business.14. Ordinary Meetings
The ordinary meetings of the Society shall be held in accordance with a programme formulated by the committee.

15. Extra-ordinary General Meeting The Committee may convene an Extra-ordinary General Meeting at any time,
and shall do so within four weeks upon receipt of a written request, signed by ten members. Notice shall be sent to all members not less than fourteen days before the meeting, setting forth the date, time and purpose of the meeting. No
other business shall be transacted.

16. Quorum The quorum for an AGM or Extra-ordinary GM shall be 15 members and for a Committee Meeting, 5 members. In the event of an equality of votes the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.

17. Record of Members A complete record of the members and their details (address, Tel. No. & Email)shall be kept by the Treasurer, the Chairman and the individual responsible for distribution of the Newsletter. The Treasurer shall record the payment of subscriptions etc.

18. Non-payment of subscriptions. No person shall be entitled to vote at any meeting of the Society, or to any
other privilege of membership until the subscription for the current year has been paid. Any member whose subscription is 6 months in arrears shall cease to be a member.

19. Forfeiture of Membership. The Committee shall have the power to request a general meeting to terminate
the membership of a member whose conduct has been, in their opinion, injurious to the objects or interests of the Society.

20. Society’s Funds. All monies shall be passed to the Treasurer who shall be responsible for all the Society’s Funds. All sums received by the Treasurer on the Society’s behalf shall be paid into the Society’s Bank Account. All cheques drawn on the account shall be signed by a minimum of 2 nominated members. The Funds of the Society shall be used solely for the furthering of the Society’s Objects, and only in ways sanctioned by the Committee or a general meeting. No individual member of the Society shall be responsible for the debts of the Society.

21. Auditor. An Auditor shall be elected at each AGM for the ensuing year, at the end of which they shall retire but be eligible for re-election.

22. Minutes. All committee meetings shall be minuted and circulated within 10 days. These minutes shall be available, on request, at the AGM.

23. Applicability. Should any matter arise not covered by the rules, or the interpretation of them, it shall be decided by arbitration. An arbitration committee shall be appointed consisting of one Committee member, an ordinary member and one non-member of the Society. Their decision shall be final.

24. Special matters outside rules. If any question arises for which these rules do not provide the committee shall have the power to determine the matter.

25. Termination of the Society. In the event of the Society terminating by the decision of an Extra-ordinary General Meeting or the paid-up members, if less than the required quorum, its assets shall be realised and the proceeds thereof distributed among the paid-up membership.


Version 3b 8th November 2014