Plant Table Entries.

All plants will be judged according to B.O.C rules

20 for plant and growth

20 for flower

Total 40 points

Top 3 plants will be discussed at the end of the meeting.

Rules of Judging

Plants must be placed on the table before 1:30pm. Any plants brought after this may be displayed but will not be judged.

While judging is taking place members must keep away from the plant table, to allow the judges to do the assessments in private.

All entries to the plant table must conform to the following rules.

1. Plants must have been in the possession of the member for at least 6 months and flowering spikes must have been initiated while in the possession of the member.

2. Plants must be pest and disease free.  Any plants with pests will not be judged.

3. All plants to be judged must be labelled, it is sufficient to be named “Orchid type” and “hybrid” or “species”, eg Phalaenopsis hybrid, but a label must be included.

4. Plants should be staged in a black pot.  Plants in pots of other colours can be stood inside a secondary black pot.  Hanging plants do not need to be in a pot.

5. Ideally flower spikes should be staked with green stakes or wire and tied with wire or raffia – not with plastic ‘butterfly’ or ‘dragonfly’ shaped clips.

6. Damaged leaves should be cut off before displaying and other disfigurations removed or polished off.

7. Flowers that may have fallen off flower spikes during transit can be presented alongside the plant so judges know there were more present.

8. Plants will only be judged on what is present on the day, flowers going over or not yet open cannot be taken into account.

9. Non-members cannot put plants on the plant table for judging – but they can bring display plants to the meetings.

The member with the plant that scored the highest number of points at a table show throughout the year will be awarded a trophy at the Annual April Show.